Here at Fitness Rush, we understand how mental barriers such as stress, anxiety and depression can hold us back. So we have devised a plan to reduce the common worries connected to training in a busy gym environment.

We have taken the main barriers out of the equation, leaving only one thing to do, and that’s GET RESULTS!

No One is Watching

There are no members, no loud noises and no one watching, just exclusive access to a fully equipped gym with professional trainers ready to break down your barriers and reveal your greatness within.


Improving Mental Health

By becoming more active and moving more, we can improve our mental health and increase overall well-being. Find out more below about how fitness can provide much more than just feeling or looking better.

Learn how physical activity can help towards a better mental health and overall wellbeing :

  • Sleep Better – Exercise will make you feel more tired towards the end of the day and help you fall asleep quicker. 
  • Happier Mood – Physical activity releases happy chemicals that make you feel better and provide more energy.
  • Control Stress – Being physically active also gives your brain something to focus on and can be a positive coping strategy for difficult times
  • Increased Self-Esteem – being more active can make you feel better about yourself and increase the chance of you reaching your goals.
  • Reducing Depressive Thoughts – Studies have proven that increased physical activity has reduced depressive thoughts and episodes.
  • Better Social Awareness – Training with like-minded people can help boost confidence and beat social barriers.

Releasing Happy Chemicals:


Gives you motivation to act towards your goals and enriches you with pleasure when achieving them. Low levels of this chemical have been linked with over-thinking and self-doubt. Break down goals into little hurdles in the long race which is life. With each little achievement brings the release of dopamine. Complete each goal before you start a new one to ensure a consistent pattern of success and subsequent experience of dopamine.


Is present when we feel appreciated or important. Lack of this chemical is linked with feelings of loneliness and depression. Complete little acts of kindness to help show your significance and value. Get outside! Exposing yourself to sunlight daily can help boost serotonin levels.


Helps create healthy relationships, intimacy and strengthens trust. This hormone is released upon physical touch or stimulation with someone else. Due to it’s release during touch, this chemical is referred to as the cuddle hormone, so get hugging! Being kind can also raise these levels, so giving a gift to someone can keep you feeling useful and full of oxytocin.


Are released to help alleviate depression and anxiety when the body is placed under acute stress or pain. The overwhelming sense of ecstasy through intense running also known as a runner’s high is the result of endorphins. Other than exercise, laughter has a strong link to the release of this hormone, so tell a bad joke every now and again. Scented oils and dark chocolate have also been known to boost endorphin release.

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