Reward Your Team

This is your chance to reward the employees who keep the cogs turning and make your company what it is.

Not only will your employees thank you for considering their wellbeing but the benefits far outweigh the investment.

Hundreds of hours have been spent developing our state-of-the-art mobile gym and we are excited to be able to roll it out to businesses like yours to reap the rewards of the following benefits. 

Improve Your Employees


Job Satisfaction

Overall Wellbeing

Reduce Absentees

An important part of a growing a healthy business is ensuring your workforce are happy and healthy. As we are aware, individuals who exercise regularly are generally healthier than those who do not. This results in them being less susceptible to catching colds and other common illnesses. This provides less sick days and more productivity through maintaining a fit and healthier workforce. Studies show that around 80% of companies who provided wellbeing benefits, recorded a decrease in sickness and absentees.

Better Work life Balance

With the stresses of constantly trying to balance our home and work life, its even more important to find ways to reduce unnecessary commuting time and ensure healthy priorities are at the forefront of a balanced lifestyle. Our mobile facility can reduce employees journeys travelling too and from gyms by being located at your location. They can simply park up and begin their training immediately during their allotted timeslot.

Reduce Stress

An ever increasing cause for staff absence away from work is Stress and Depression resulting from the pressures of everyday life and work related issues. One of the highest rates is found in high pressure business environments. Fitness has a well known benefit of clearing the mind and reducing overwhelming stress. Our professional trainers can tailor training sessions to every individual to ensure they become healthier, not only physically but mentally too, eventually reducing stress and signs of depression, resulting in a happier and healthier workforce.

Save on Healthcare

British companies are increasingly including private healthcare packages as part of their employee benefits, which can be counterproductive if individuals cannot find the time to take care of their own health and wellbeing. By offering a professional fitness programme within your locality, you can rest assured your staff will become fitter, stronger and more productive as a result.

Increase Brain Function

Science shows that exercise helps release hormones in the body which can improve cognitive function. Those who exercise have proved to produce more happy chemicals which ensures the brain can perform functions more effectively. These functions include multi-tasking, memory and problem solving.

Researchers have found that those who allocated 2.5 hours a week to physical activity opposed to working could perform the same level of productivity as a sedentary individual who continues working for 2.5 hours more.

More Focus & Productivity

Exercise science also proves the theory that individuals who exercise regularly have increased energy whilst at work. They are therefore more alert and are less likely to be unproductive, especially in the morning or later in the day when fatigue is more probable. Even a short walk could boost energy and with regular physical exercise, the benefits are far greater.

Save Space, Time & Money

Obviously it would be ideal to house an on-site gym within your premises but it is not always possible, so by us bringing the gym to your workplace, you not only save space and money creating a fitness centre, you get professional training at the convenience of your employees and scheduled around their working day.

Job Retention

An onsite gym can be great for employee retention. Exercise can make individuals feel better physically and mentally too. This can then boost performance in their job role and give them better job satisfaction, helping them stay with your company for a prolonged amount of time.

This can also attract new employees, through offering a tailored personal training service dedicated to their wellbeing. This shows, you don’t only look after your staff during the working day but throughout their everyday life too. The prospect of a unique mobile gym could boost your companies chances of employing a higher pedigree of employee.

Strong Team

Exercising with a team or partner can improve motivation and reduce the likelihood of individuals giving up when the going gets tough. Fitness can be contagious and gives individuals a common interest to engage over. This can enhance working relationships and provide a happy workforce. Health and Fitness leads to a strong and happy team, resulting in greater productivity.

Be Unique

Just like you’re company, we provide the best in what our industry has to offer. This is your opportunity to provide a one of a kind service never seen before. We know how important your employees are to you and they deserve the very best, so let us provide exactly that. Stand out from your competitors by offering something unique and become a positive role model in your industry.

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